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OpenScout Insights:
Data to decisions

You use the OpenScout mobile app to record your crop and field observations — its automatic geo-tagging and time-stamping make data retrieval and visualization easy, and severity ratings help you prioritize problems.

Now step up from data recording to decision-making with OpenScout Insights. By recording quantitative data and using Spensa models and analysis tools you can provide early alerts and pest tracking capability for specific crops and pests.

OpenScout OpenScout
Scouting Yes Yes
Trapping Yes Yes
Basic weather Yes Yes
Activity record keeping Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes
Agronomic layers No Yes
Advanced weather No Yes
Crop models No Yes
Pest models No Yes
Pest trend visualization No Yes
Pest alerts No Yes
per user
per grower

Customizable pest library

Configure pest lists so scouts see relevant pests for each crop, time of season, or region.

Share what you've learned

Send reports directly from the field or print off to share with your clients or growers.

Trapping and scouting data all in one place

Record and report insect trap data in the same app.

Use detailed models to help inform your decisions

OpenScout Insights offers sophisticated models that help you to make reliable predictions and more informed decisions about your crops. Refine your spraying cycle by seeing when insect flights and egg-laying periods are due, or optimize your planting and harvesting schedule with OpenScout Insight's models of weather, plant growth stages, soil type, and more.


Easily send compelling, visual scouting reports that summarize scouting trips, trap counts, descriptions and photos of problems found, and predictions of pest cycles in the fields you choose. Send reports directly from the field, via email, or in printed form to review with the grower in person. Set up reports for automatic distribution on any schedule through either the mobile or web-based portal.